Potential Applications

Medical Applications

Cochlear Implants

Retinal Implants

Deep Brain Stimulators


Cardiac Defibrillators

Cardiac/Ventricular Assist Devices

Pain Neurostimulators

Incontinence and Gastric Devices

Drug Pumps

Delivery Devices


Blood pressure stabilizers


Analytical Modeling

We have modeled a variety of interactions of ultrasound with tissue, including temperature, propagation of heat, attenuation, the effects of transducer geometry and transmitter-receiver distance. These have been guided by models reviewed in reports such as the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements 113 and 140. The modeling results assist in designing effective experiments.

Experimental Design & Execution

We have performed ultrasound experiments through various media including animal tissues, in vitro and in vivo. These have led to designs for ultrasound-based implantable power generators (IPGs) and external ultrasound transmission units. The latter incorporate features such as lateral, angular and distance alignment with the implanted receiver.

Ultrasound Applications

Our laboratory has a full compliment of equipment to generate power, directionality, attenuation, phase change, and transit time of ultrasound, both pulsed and continuous wave, in a variety of media associated with medical devices. We can measure temperature, impedance, standing wave ratio, resonance effects, and other parameters associated with ultrasound transmission.

Other Applications:

Extension of implantable battery lifetime

Homeland security applications involving extended battery lifetime
Power for embedded autonomous sensors for structures, aircraft, ships and vehicles

Power for burst mode telemetry for wildlife tracking
Stand alone surveillance devices for human and animal traffic

Stand alone surveillance devices for human and animal traffic