Ultrasound Electrical Recharging (USerâ„¢)

In a world that increasingly needs and values energy conservation, the use of our technology will optimize energy transmission, augment battery lifetimes, and reduce dependence on batteries. Our mission is to commercialize ultrasound power as a better method for transmitting power to implanted devices.

The method can be applied to batteries for implanted medical devices such as drug pumps, sensors, and neurostimulators.

Our Values:

- Foster imaginative solutions to customer problems
- Maintain an enjoyable, productive, and safe environment
- Retain an intellectually stimulating atmosphere

Piezo Energy Technologies (PET), is an Arizona R&D company formed in 2004 that has developed ultrasound technologies to wirelessly transmit power into the human body to recharge batteries or provide direct power to active implanted medical devices. In addition, it has developed concepts for powering devices for consumer and industrial applications using ultrasound. Under its founder and CEO Leon Radziemski, PhD, and CTO Inder Makin, MD, PhD, the company has several issued patents and patent applications. In June of 2019, Piezo Energy Technologies became a wholly owned subsidiary of UltraPower Inc., a holding company that specializes in the non-medical applications of ultrasound power transfer. The officers of UltraPower Inc. are Craig Drill, President and Dr. Inder Makin CTO. Dr. Makin is also the President of Piezo Energy Technologies LLC.


Commercialization & Licensing

Commercialization is anticipated via direct sale or licensing agreements with partner companies that have existing distribution channels in medical devices.